Dog Grooming

FREE Doggy Day Care when booking your dog in for grooming with one of our experienced and caring groomers.

Show Quality Grooming

Cost Effective Rates

Small to Medium Dogs

Dogs can either be professionally groomed during their holiday at Delsasse, or can visit for specifically for grooming.

Our in-house, professional grooming staff each have over 20 years experience, with extensive expertise in Pet Clipping as well as grooming for the Show Ring.

Younger dogs who have not been professionally clipped or groomed before often come in for a hydro-bath, light groom and blow-dry to ensure they are comfortable with the process.

We aim to ensure your pet grooming is a positive experience for your dog.

Tracy with Harry the American Cocker Spaniel

Tracy is one of our professional groomers. She has experience breeding, showing and judging dogs, including both English and American Cocker Spaniels.

She specialises in the small breeds such as the West Highland Whites and dogs of that size.

To make a grooming appointment with Tracy, please call her direct on  0414 757 648.

Kerry grooms small dogs at Delsasse for Dogs

Introducing the other Groomer on our professional team. Kerry has over 20 years experience breeding and showing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Kerry also specialises in clipping and grooming small dogs.

To make an appointment for grooming with Kerry, please call her direct on  0412 203 152.

As many of our Grooming Clients are busy working families, we are happy for you to drop your dog off with us before work in the morning and board them Free of Charge for the day, for you to collect in the afternoon.